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Monthly subscriptions mean that you care and enjoy what we do. Also, they alow us to plan our resources and the doable magic in the next months ahead. The perks for you, as our precious subscriber, are that you become eligible to recive our products in return - digital or physical, in every month of your subscription with us until we open Matter Social Café. After that, we will invite you on site to consume up to the monthly amount you spend with us. More, we are in the making. Although we have a firm plan ahead, everything is a bit uncertain when you don't have the funding for your operations upfront but we hope to accumulate it though individual support - like yours. Your subscription matters. It moves forward the massive effort of building up a space that welcomes and recreates children and adults with disabilities in Sofia. Thank you for considering staying with us. It will be worth it. 




6 Matter craft beer for each month of the subscription or other products from our store up to this value.
1 ceramic tile with your name on our wall when we open, after 1 year of subscription with us.

All-in subscription

SKU: 0004
Price Options
One-time purchase
It is worth it.
лв50.00every month until canceled
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