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Introducing the artwork 'Layers of Existence #5' by Austria-based Bulgarian artist Yanko Yanko who has decided to support our fundraising initiatives and mission recently. 


50x50 cm, Canvas, wood, waste paper, oil, and acrylic paints.


'For some time I was thinking which of my artworks represents the best what this organization does, and this was the one! At first glance, every leaf on this artwork looks the same, but when you look at it-they are all different. Represents equality, togetherness.' --YY


More about the artist:


More about the price: it is set by the author and is indicative - as a donation to our formation we will be delighted to reduce the price if anyone asks us for a while on the contrary - if the full price is paid to Matter, imagine how many free therapies we could fund (x30); or at least x2 small catering preparations; or 1/3 of the costs of our next digital initiative.


We could do so much with the proceeds of the artwork, and we hope it finds its human though our online store.



Artwork 'Layers of Existence #5' by Yanko Yankov

SKU: 00042
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