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What are the characteristics of cool people?

This is a difficult question that we discussed a while back with a 10-year-old human who wanted to be cool and was exploring the issue.

We think cool people do the right thing even when it doesn't work for them, do things because it's better for someone else as well, are kind, respect other people's work and individuality, speak the truth, respect life, and a bunch of other things.

Cool people build cool brands with cool products and services, and hire cool people and have cool customers... and so on down the chain of association.

We are happy to introduce you to such people and their brand of Bulgarian socks for alternative sports and for the urban environment - Stinky Socks, which you probably already know, but not in this light, because they have just provided us with a product to raise funds for our cause = for free therapy for children and adults with disabilities in Sofia. We chose the pattern of the socks to match the color of the cause, but if you're not that into pink or you wish to wear/gift socks with different cool pictures, ski/snowboard socks, and more, here's everything you can choose from:

Socks have always meant "care". Treat yourself or your closest to some pink, unisex ones, by also treating a stranger with every pair purchased through our online store.


Stinky Socks for Matter: the THREAD socks

SKU: 0007
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